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2023 Subaru Ascent Pricing, Specs, Review

From its early beginnings, Subaru Corporation has putt a lot of emphasis on their mid-size vehicles. 2023 Subaru Ascent is, however, something special. Officially branded and marketed as “The biggest Subaru SUV ever”, you could almost say that Subaru has really outdone itself with this model.

There were a lot of vehicles from different manufacturers that went with ” a car for the entire family” label, but 2023 Subaru Ascent takes it up a notch. You could say that this car could be labeled ” vehicle for the entire family and a few of your friends to go along as well.”


As Dominick Infante, the US Subaru department manager stated: “We felt out loyal customers leaving us…and it wasn’t because they didn’t like our product anymore it was because they needed a bigger version of it. So we gave that to them with this 2023 model.” He also stated that Subaru learned it’s lesson from mistakes with Subaru Tribeca in the past.

When we say mistakes made in Tribeca series, we are referring to the fact that this new Subaru has much larger third row and much more space in a second row. As Infante stated, Subaru just made everything more roomy and comfortable.

There are three trim levels with this Subaru, and they are Premium, Limited, and Touring. Most of the design is the same for all three trims but some traits are exclusive for Premium mostly, and some for the Limited trim level.

What’s new with 2023 version also is that it comes packing with dual-camera system positioned up front and at the back to prevent any type of accidents and has emergency braking, and it’s called “Subaru Eyesight mitigation system.” It consists of two cameras in front and a smart camera in the back, right above the hatch.

What is important to note here is that Subaru, unlike some other competitors has an Eyesight self-braking system that works at all times. Most of the other manufacturers only use it for speed above 20 miles per hour.

Another highly important detail about the design of the latest Subaru SUV is 8.7 inches of Ground Clearance for rough terrains and X-Mode that also features Hill Descent Control for stability when going up-hill. Which basically means you can drive it to any type of road. This SUV also features a 5,000-pound towing capacity just in case somebody needs your help. This is made possible thanks to High-Strength Steel Body structure.

Also, another handy feature, one of Subaru trademarks, are heated seats. Seven is a standard number, while you can easily to expand the cabin to have eight of them to be precise. These are now also improved so they can heat up all the way up to your shoulders.

There is also 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity on all models and up to six USB charging ports along with Panoramic Moon-roof for some fresh air and raised roof rails. It also comes with three-zone car climate control, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. There is also a touchscreen inside of the car. And it can be around 6 or 8″ in size, optionally.

To emphasize how much is comfort put on first place in this Subaru you can also find 19 cup-holders to make your drive with the family or friend even comfier. As far as the overall outside design goes, everything stays Subaru recognizable, only a bit bigger than ever before.


When it comes to engine structure, Subaru as a company has stood for the longest time as an entity that doesn’t believe in changing or making anything more modern. And it was like this for the longest time.

This time Subaru is implementing a brand new unit, designated as FA24, developed by Subaru. As the marketing team of Subaru published: ” This engine was designed for torque, not horsepower.”

The FA24 boxer engine used on Ascent has all the cylinder heads and blocks made out of aluminum. This is done in an effort to lower the weight and make warming up of the engine a lot faster. In the heads, they are spinning dual overhead cams, and unlike previous models that were driven by a belt; these are driven by a timing chain-actuating 16 valves with variable timing.

Cylinders pressures are kept high for efficiency. They displace a total of 2,387cc, have a 94 mm bore and 86 mm stroke. The cylinder, by the way, is rounded on 2.4- liters. And what actually keeps the cylinder pressures high is the compression ration, which sits at 10.6:1; making sure everything runs smoothly.

Off course, massive part in that plays a direct injection to overcome those high cylinder pressures and make engine entirely and at all times functional. The engine contains 260 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. The torque band is 277 pound-feet and between 2,000 and 4,800 rpm.

2023 Subaru Ascent Pricing

2023 Subaru Ascent is expected to be priced in the low-$30,000. The price on the official website of this company for the ongoing version of Ascent is set at $31, 995. But there are also reports that it will go for $32,970 at the base level. But that might change a bit depending on a selected trim and additional packaging. Take a look at the current prices.

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